Im 36-years old singer songwriter from Helsinki,Finland.I Have been a lot in and studied program services and speech and drama in university. I have also planned music videos in my songs. I started as a singer in a metal band when I Wass 18-years old. After that I have been in different configuration,mainly indie rock. I have travelled with my band all around Finland in different gig places. I have also worked as a singer and chorus maker know fames rap artists like Flowboysfam,Dilemma and Jim fataali. I´ve been released 4 singles in broduction company Soullhouseunit like:stay and story, which you can find in Spotify and deezer. I`ve also released Finnish song:Valoihminen which did get radio played. At this moment I’m working my self published album in English with my band called Lara and deep ditch. I have also Finnish band where I’m the mainly singer/songwriter.

Here you can listened my songs under this links: and the deep ditch feat

Lara c and deepditch

If this links docent works can sen email later my music

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Laura Timonen Gsm:0442368185